1. Upwork – Registration

Upwork – Registration. As in the first case, you get all the benefits of working through Upwork, such as the assurance of project execution, safety and security of your payments, and a convenient tool for communication, but you need to sign up on Upwork, post the job and invite us to apply.

2. Upwork – Direct Contract

Upwork – comfortable cooperation option:
1. We create and send contract proposals to you.
2. You receive the link to your email and follow the instructions.
3. Fill in the information about yourself and deposit project funds in Upwork escrow.
4. We will start designing when the contract has been created. You can use Upwork messenger or any other way to communicate with us.
5. Once you’ve approved our work, the funds are released to us.

What are the stages of a project?


Before launching the project, we discuss all required info with you to identify the company’s business goals. These insights allow our team to understand the project needs and requirements.


You submit deposits into Upwork escrow or make advanced payment, according to the chosen modality of cooperation.

Concept development

Our process involves coming up to speed quickly on the holistic view of your business, audiences, target market, competitive environment. Based on the information received, we curate a design concept for the brand with guidance on style, tone of voice and consumer experience.

Design approval

We send you first samples and ideas with a description for each of them. We will make corrections, create additional design samples until we find a clear vision for the brand, and you approve it.

Complete logo pack

You get approved designs and layouts (full set for use).

Proof of payment

You confirm project completion, and we get paid.